Our Mission

It all started years ago with a couple of bird lovers and a vision.  Then, for a few years, there was lots of talk about a bird sanctuary in the courtyard. Finally, the talking ended and a lot of planning, hard work and dedicated people made it happen.  I didn’t know anything about birds when I co-chaired this committee, but I quickly learned we didn’t need much to get started – just food, water and shelter!  It was fun being educated on different birding supplies and amazing to watch the many different kinds of birds flock to Quarry Hill after we put out some feeders, bird houses and bird baths.  Of course, the new native plants and fern garden helped attract birds too. My favorite part was actually watching a family of chickadees in a bird house.  The mother bird fed the babies as we sat at a table and watched.  I hope the chickadee family returns year after year and calls Quarry Hill “home”, just like the rest of the Quarry Hill community.
Susan Birnbaum, Committee Chair/Quarry Hill Parent