Meet your Bird Sanctuary/Outdoor Learning Committee:

Dr. Peggy Schiavone, Principal

Ms. Kathleen Setash, Faculty Bird Consultant/Vocal Music Teacher

Kathy Awadalla, Committee Chair

Michelle St. Pierre, Committee Chair

Sara Christopher, Committee Chair

Nick Pugliese, Committee Landscaping/Design Consultant Chair


Meet the Nestlings:

After the wonderful assembly by the Philadelphia Zoo on birds, and to promote our Bird Sanctuary/Outdoor Learning Center, Ms. Setash coordinated a birding club called THE QUARRY HILL NESTLINGS!

They kicked off their first meeting in November 2015 with a presentation by Ms. Maryellen Noonan, an environmental educator from the Bucks County Conservation District.  They learned what they needed for bird walks, and other cool facts.  Monthly walks were at various nature centers in Bucks County. The Nestlings also planted the hummingbird garden in the Spring.


If you are interested in joining the Nestling club and/or have any questions, comments, etc.,  please contact us below: