Happy National Bird Day!

January 5 is National Bird Day! Today is a day of awareness and celebration of both wild and captive birds. Take a few moments to fill your feeders, watch for new birds in your neighborhood, learn something new about birds, or read about which species are at risk for extinction.

Here’s a fun way to test your bird-call knowledge! How many bird calls can you identify?


A great blue heron at Lake Afton, April 2015.

Winter visitors

When it starts to get cold I notice more birds visiting my feeders, especially bird species that I don’t see as frequently in the warmer months. Their natural food sources are becoming more scarce so I’m glad to be able to keep them fed. Recently some European starlings and a northern flicker paid a visit – I see them rarely. Today I had a strange sighting – a Baltimore oriole! By now I think most orioles have migrated, but not this fella!

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Happy New Year, Nestlings!

Plan on our first outing this Wednesday at 8:15. We’ll hang the rest of the feeders we made and take a trek out to the back woods by the play ground to see what winter birds are doing out there. Wear appropriate footwear and bring your binocs. We can keep them in my room until the end of the day, when you can safely bring them home on the bus. We’ll go out if it’s drizzling, if it’s pouring, we’ll stay in and I’ll share the coolest holiday gift I received from a fellow birder! 🙂

See you Wednesday,

Ms. Setash