Greetings Nestlings and fellow birders!

We had our first NESTLING club meeting this morning. For those of you who missed it, we will meet the first WEDNESDAY of every month at 8:30. Parents are asked to drop your child off at school, and they will report to my room. I will be asking for parent volunteer leaders only when we go on bird walks. (53 kids is too many to take in the woods all at once!)  Here are our NESTLING meeting dates:







I will keep you up to date on all activities using this blog. So come back frequently!

Today, we learned the calls and identifying colors and markings of the Northern Cardinal, the Blue Jay, the Robin, The Black Capped Chickadee and the American Goldfinch. Ask your child how to tell them apart. 🙂

Yours in song,

Ms. Setash

1 thought on “NESTLING NEWS”

  1. To all QH students AND Nestling Club Members: Don’t forget to ask for bird books when you are in the library! Student Council gave the library a donation last year, and I purchased a new set of BIRD books; they are BEAUTIFUL! They are a good resource to reinforce what you are learning on your bird walks! Enjoy! Tweet, tweet!
    Mrs. Pesature

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